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Welcome to Gypsy universe!

I started my blog in college; my friends at the time nicknamed me Gypsy because of my non-conformative and "hippie" ways of thinking and living. Shockingly, I wasn't even Vegan yet! I started the blog as a safe space for me to express my unique (non-status quo) thoughts and perspectives. It was an online outlet and dream journal where I could talk about everything happening in my world. And so, Gypsy Universe was born.

Today, GU has evolved but still serves the same purpose. I write mostly about holistic wellness, sustainability, and share personal stories in hopes of inspiring others. I also share delicious, simple vegan recipes and DIY projects! 

My goal for Gypsy Universe is to empower you to follow your own journey, but know that you are not alone. It's to remind you of your connection to the planet and the community around you. Explore the site with curiosity and an open mind. You can also search above if you're looking for something specific! 

With Endless Gratitude, 


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Ready to love your body?

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Learn to see the beauty within and without



Hi! I'm Alexa Jesse

Writer, Wellness Coach, Musician and Activist, with a goal to help you learn how to finally love your body and the planet.

There is a connection between the food we eat and the way we view ourselves and the world around us. It is not will-power that you lack, but the powerful, non-mainstream knowledge about the healing abilities of a plant-based life. 

As your wellness and sustainability coach, I promise to show you how to appreciate the body you've always hated, and in turn learn to live more consciously.

Whether you are here to browse my blog, read my eBook, learn some sustainability tips or finally heal your relationship with your body, I hope you leave my site feeling inspired to make the world a better place!

I write about wellness, sustainability, lifestyle, and share personal stories that I hope will inspire you to take your health, and the planet's health, into your own hands. 

Beauty lies within, and it begins with learning how to love ourselves. From that love unfolds a strength in mind, intuition, and confidence that can truly shake the world.


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